Published 14 May 2014
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Visiting Thisted

Before visiting Thisted, we saw the model of the city of the 1850’s.

At that time, Thisted was a little town on the shore of the fjord Lymfjord. All the houses were the same typ, yellow with red roofs. Now, only few of these houses remain. We began visiting the city in the museum near the churh, there we could see a little panorama of the city.

Then we just walked downtown...We saw a place called the bench where drug addicts can get help. When we arrived at the port, we discovered the medical centre which was built a short time ago to attract doctors.

We looked at the boats for a while and on our way back, we saw the house of P.J. Jacobsen, a famous writer in Danemark.

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A view from the harbour
nice view …
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