Published 13 April 2014
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Thursday April 10 th

We visited the Demilitarized Zone on Thursday.

Since the 1953 armistice, the DMZ has been dividing the Korean peninsula into two countries. The DMZ is 4km wide. Each Korea controls its side of that No Man’s Land.
The Southern side can be visited by tourists, escorted by military police. We stopped three times at different observatories from where North Korea can be seen.

There are links through the DMZ between the two countries: an economic zone was created a few years ago, funded by the South, the North providing the labour force. 700 vehicules a day cross the DMZ.

The amazing part of the visit was going down a tunnel, one among five discovered between 1974 and 2002, dug by the North in direction of Seoul, to invade the South.
A moving moment in our stay, when we could feel History through what remains of the Cold War.

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