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Published 16 January 2011
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Steeped in both tradition and modernity, the Saint-Saëns campus which is of a welcoming size is definitely open to European ideas. Teaching methods are adapted to the students’ needs and we offer a range of language classes,
particularly bilingual classes and European sections. We also offer classes in Humanities, Sciences and Economics teaching. We implement considerate monitoring. Our location at the heart of historic Rouen enables our students to
experience an intense cultural life whilst a humanist tradition and the unobtrusive charm of our surroundings also account for the success of our 1250 students ranging from “sixiéme” to further education level.

Our foremost goal is to do our utmost so that each person can find success and self-fulfillment in our school.

Dominique Desaix , Proviseur.

La Cité Scolaire
Entrée côté Jardinet