Published 28 March 2010
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Christopher Columbus

Christopher Colombus

At the end of 1450s, the Portuguese discovered the road to India. But because of war, this road was closed and other countries had to find another road to India. Many people all around the world felt like being famous by discovering new areas. In Spain, Christopher Colombus meets the King and the Queen to ask for an expedition.

Christopher Colombus is announced to the king (K) by the king’s friend (KF).

- KF : ( the king sighs) Roooh ! (The queen nudges him kindly) Well…Let him in.
- CC : Majesty…( bowing) I’m Christopher Colombus, an explorer.
- K : We know !!
- Q: Good evening Mr Colombus !
- KF : If you would like to sit down…( showing a chair)
- K : Why did you come ?
- CC : I’ve a request. I’d like you to help me discover new things which will change the world!
- K :(to the queen) : What does that mean ?
- Q : He’d like us to pay for his journey.
- K : Really !(laughing) He’d better have good arguments !
- CC : I have good arguments ! Moreover, I came with a specialist, who is a geographer (G) !

The geographer arrives, He carries many maps under his arm,but they all fall on the floor .

- G : Hello ! Sorry… Majesties…(making a reverence) I’m a geographer !
- K : We know !
- CC : Well… You must pay for my great journey ! In fact, I intend to discover new lands, new countries and new civilizations (he gets excited) I’ll bring you progress, I’ll bring you spices, silk… Whatever you want ! Help me and you will earn a lot of money ! (The king has a big grin. He’s interrested by money).
- Q : And how will you discover all that ?
- CC : I’ll join India. (Letting the floor to the geographer)
- G : (Unfolding the maps and ajusting his eyeglass) We think the earth is round…
- KF : The earth is not round ! It’s impossible ! If it was round, we couldn’t manage to stand ! It’s very flat and plane ! Look at the floor ! I don’t agree with you ! The earth is plane !
- Q : My dear friend…
- K : PLEASE ! Well, go on, go on, Mister… geographer !
- G :(Casting a firing glance to the king’s friend) The earth IS round… so Chritopher Columbus will be able to join India by sailing west, crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Then, he will reach a point from which he will go through the Pacific Ocean, arrive to India and reach spices and other exotic things.
- K : Mmmm… And how much will it cost ?
- CC : A journey may cost at least…a thousand pounds .
- K : How much ??
- CC : A thousand pounds.
- K : Aow! In that case the answer is no !
- KF : I agree with his majesty. A journey like that is not sensible !
- Q : Honey, if we refuse, all the other royal families will make fun of us. Five years ago, Vasco of Gama left Portugal to reach things ! Christopher Columbus might bring us spices and many others luxuous things! If we say “yes”, we will earn money.
- K : It’s just because I love you… Yes !
- CC : Yes ?
- K : Yes, Christopher Columbus ! What do you need ?
- CC : I need… A ship, water, food, medicines, equipment for the expedition, qualified staff, flags…
- KF : Pff… What else ?
- K : I’ll pay for all of that. Now, I’m hungry, I’d like to eat something.
- G : Me too !
- CC: I don’t know how to thank you, my favorite king !
- K : You may leave now.
- Q : Good bye !
- CC and G :Majesties… (bowing)
- KF : I’ll ask the cooks to prepare the dinner.
- K and Q : Thank you !

Severals weeks later, the ship is being built and C.C looks for qualified people who agree to take part in the journey and who are willing to give him some advice for his trip !

- Engineer: Good evening sir, I’m the engineer for the boat.
- Christopher Columbus: Nice to meet you, I’m Christopher Columbus! I have a question for you ...
- E: Yes , I’m listening ... ?
- C.C: Can you telle me what will be the weight of the boat ?
- E: Yes, I can! Approximately 500 000 pounds ...
- C.C: And can you tell me what would be the best size for my boat ?
- E: I think it will be the size of this boat, but one boat won’t be enough for this trip !
- C.C: Great! So build three boats for me, will you?
- Advisor: Hello gentlemen, You are already here ?!
- C.C: Yes... M y name is Christopher.Columbus
- A: Oh! I’m willing to help you about the food and the necessary tools for the boat.
- C.C: Oh, thank you !
- A: How many people will be on the boat ?
- C.C: I’m not sure but a lot! What quantity of food can be put on board ?
- A: I don’t know but a lot!
- Geographer: (Arriving) Good evening !
- C.C: We have been waiting for you !
- G: Oh I’m sorry, but I swam to here, you know. I can help you to choose the best route because I’m a geographer.
- C.C: Ah yes! So oh!! It’s quit late! I have to go in few minutes, I want to see another engineer.
- G: Oh ok, I will be quick!
- C.C: Thanks, I will travel for a very long time so what shall I need for my trip ?
- G: Well you need a lot of things such as: lead line, quadrant, time keeper and compass.
- C.C : Oh yes, and can you find these ?
- G: Yes of course! You also need some maps and a doctor because there are often diseases.
- C.C: Ah yeah ... Ok thanks for your help!
- Engineer: It’s very cold, I’m going to leave now!
- C.Columbus: yes, I have another date… So, bye everybody!
- Geographer, Engineer, Advisor : Bye!!!
He finally finds people to work and leave with .The trip is very long and the ship’s company becomes.
- Captain : We haven’t got enough food and water to keep travelling. We have to stop now and go back to Spain !
- C. Colombus: We must keep sailing ! We have to arrive to India !
- A sailer(1) : We don’t want to die !
- An other sailer(2) : My God, I’m so hungry and so thirsty !
- Captain : They’re right. We are going to die if we don’t go back now.
- C. Colombus : No, no The Queen of Spain has paid for our journey so we may not disappoint her !
- The sailor (1): I agree, we have to bring spices, cocoa, cotton, and potatoes to Spain but suppose we die…!
- The other sailor (2): All my family is in Spain and I want to see them again, to see my child growing !
- The captain (speaking to C. Colombus) : If we keep travelling, there will be a mutiny with sailers. They are humans, they don’t want to die !
- C. C : Land ! Land ! I can see a land !!
- The two sailors : We are safe ! We are safe !
When they arrive in this new area, they think they are in India and they start exploring the surroundings.
- C. C: Oh god, we finally arrived to India. Oh, what is that? Look, Louis, my friend!
- Louis: I think this is a woman, sir Columbus! Oh my God , she is nude!
The native is hiding
- C.C: Don’t worry we are explorers. We are yours friends.
She looks frightened
- Louis: We have come from a great distance !
- C.C: Take that! It’s a present for you.
She smiles and points to the sky with her finger, indicating that may be they have come from above.
- Louis: We are gods !! hahahahahaha!
- C.C: hahahahaha!
- The indigenous : hahaha!
- C.C: How naïve and stupid!
- Louis: Yes. It will be easy to take advantage of her.
- C.C: Is she alone? She must have a family and a tribe.
- Louis: There are only trees around here, so they must live in the forest.
The indigenous asks them to follow her and shows them a lot of new things like sugar, cacao, cotton or tabacco.
- C.C: India is the best place I’ve ever been to.

The settlers arrive at a new place and they meet the natives. They discover one another, make contacts and exchanges.

- Native : Cocoa ?
- Settler : No, what is it ?
- N: Cocoa grigri. (Miming a seed)
- C.Columbus : I’m sure you’ve never drink this kind of thing …
- S : They’re human, aren’t they ?
- C.C : I think so.

Maya, a woman welcoming the Europeans, gives them cocoa. The setllers try to open the beans with their swords but they fail to do it.

- M : Cut-cuting (miming a knife)
- C: It’s a sword ! (Giving sword)
- M : Mucha ! (thanks)
- G : Be carefull it’s dangerous !!
- S : yummy-yummy Grigri !
- C : ( Setller miming to take a seed and taste it) Ahh … It’s bitter !!! It’s horrible !! Do you have something to remove the taste ?
- S : Corn ! (setller take corn and finds difficult to eat it)
- G : Let me try … (taking it from him and trying with his knife)
- M : yummy-yummy (the settler shows how to use mouth)
- C : I told you they were not human ! (asidet)
- G : Think what you want, but I’m sure that European life will change ! (still asidet)

Unfortunately the Europeans brought many diseases.Maskhou tries to explain Fritschyombré and Columbus about Bissonah.

- Maskhou: Bissonah is sick
- C.Columbus: Well, there’s a medic. May be he could help you?
- Fritschyobré: Yes of course, let me see your guy… Hmm, don’t worry, it’s just a cold. He will feel better in a few days!
Two days later:
- Maskhou: Bissonah is dead.
- C.Columbus: Calm down! Fritschyobré said it was just a cold, didn’t he?
- Fritschyobré: Hmm … How strange ! In our country, it is just a little problem, so… May be we gave it to you..
- C.Columbus: So can we help them??
- Fritschyobré: I don’t think so, the virus has now probably been widespread. In my opinion the only solution is to burn the village and kill all the infected!
- C.Columbus: So…… Let’s do this !!

CCL: This trip allowed Europeans to make contact with the natives and exploit their naivety. From the new land (first taken for India), they could draw incredible richnesses that made the fortune of colonizing states . Christopher Columbus became one of the most famous explorers in the world. Everyone will remember him as the man who discovered the New World, America!